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White Seeds

Good growth development with large round pods and long and thick flesh. Type climbing bean, green, pod 15 cm long, 6 grams in weight, straight pod. White in seed color. Maturity is in 43 days.

BEAN FACTS: Most varieties of the common bean grow either as an erect bush 30-75 centimetres (12-30 inches) tall or as a climbing plant 1.2-2.1 metres (50-80 inches) long, but a few important kinds are of intermediate form. Dwarf and semiclimbers are grown extensively. When the climbing type is grown for its immature pods, artificial supports are necessary to facilitate harvesting. Varieties differ greatly in size, shape, colour, and fibrousness or tenderness of the immature pods. In general, varieties grown for dry mature seeds produce pods that are too fibrous to be eaten at any state of development.Most edible-podded beans produce relatively low yields of mature seeds, or seeds that are of low eating quality. Seed colours range from white through green, yellow, tan, pink, red, brown, and purple to black in solid colours and countless contrasting patterns. Seed shapes range from nearly spherical to flattened, elongated, and kidney-shaped. Pods are of various shades of green, yellow, red, and purple and splashed with red or purple; pod shapes range from flat to round, smooth to irregular, and straight to sharply curved; length ranges from 75 to 200 millimetres (3 to 8 inches) or more.

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