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Sweet Corn - Glutinous Purple

Sweet Corn – Glutinous Purple

This glutinous corn has small ears and dense kernels.

The taste is little sweet and very tender. Maturity is in 60-65 days after sowing.








CORN FACTS: Corn is used as livestock feed, as human food, and as raw material in industry. Although it is a major food in many parts of the world, it is inferior to other cereals in nutritional value. Its protein is of poor quality, and it is deficient in niacin. Diets in which it predominates often result in pellagra (niacin-deficiency disease). Its gluten (elastic protein) is of comparatively poor quality, and it is not used to produce leavened bread.

It is widely used, however, in Latin-American cuisine to make masa, a kind of dough usedin such staple foods as tortillas, the round, thin cakes used as bread. In the United States, corn is boiled or roasted on the cob, creamed, converted into hominy (hulled kernels) or meal, and cooked in corn puddings, mush, polenta, griddle cakes, corn bread, and scrapple. It is also used for popcorn, confections, and various manufactured cereal preparations.
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