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Green Amaranth Organic

Green Amaranth Organic

Leaf: Green leaf
Marturity: maturity 20-30 days after sowing
Remarks: high yield


Bitter Gourd - BG 4710


Fruit: Glossy dark green color with small shiny curds
Size: 7×30 cm
Weight: 600-700g
Taste: tender, mild bitter
Maturity: 65-70 days after sowing

Pepper - PE 195

This hybrid sweet pepper has erected, Medium tall plant and good tolerant to Anthracnose disease. Fruit is light green color, smooth and glossy skin, taper in shape, 3.5 x 9 cm in size, 20-30 grams in weight. Flesh is thick and has mild sweet. It can be harvested in 90-100 days from sowing.

PEPPER FACTS: In addition to the cherry (Cerasiforme group) and red cluster (Fasciculatum), these hot varieties, which are red when mature, include the tabasco (Conoides), which is commonly ground and mixed with vinegar to produce a hot sauce, and the long "hot" chili and cayenne (Longum), often called capsicums. Cayenne pepper, said to have originated in Cayenne in French Guiana, is one of the spices derived from these peppers and is produced in many parts of the world.

Tropical type An early, fast-growing variety, dark green color, long, round end fruit with attractive ribbed, stripes. Flesh is of mild bitterness. Highly tolerant to disease About 34 cm long, 6.5 cm in width weight 440 g. Fruit maturity reached in 55-60 days.


GOURD FACTS: Gourd seeds should be planted in a warm, sunny location as soon in the spring as danger from frost has passed, for they require a long growing season to mature fruit andare killed by the first frost of autumn. Well-drained, fertile soil and a trellis, fence, or wall to provide support for the vines aid in the development of well-shaped, unblemished fruits.