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Bitter Gourd BG4721

Fruit: prolific white, attractive fruit
Size: 5-6 x 28-32 cm
Weight: 300-400 grams
Maturity: 55-60 days from sowing

Bitter Gourd-CR152

A glossy green color, large fruit, thick flesh, cylindrical in shape with a round end. Plant is vigorous and disease tolerant. About 28 cm long, 7 cm width, weight 450-500 g. Fruit reach maturity in 50-55 days.

Bitter Gourd - BG 4713

F1 BG4713
Fruit weight: 500-600g
Fruit size: 6.0-6.5 x 28-30 cm
Fruit shape: Long cylindrical fruit
Fruit color: green
Maturity: 55-60 days from sowing
Remarks: high yield, early maturity

Bitter Gourd - BG 4710


Fruit: Glossy dark green color with small shiny curds
Size: 7×30 cm
Weight: 600-700g
Taste: tender, mild bitter
Maturity: 65-70 days after sowing

Bitter Gourd-CR151

A glossy green color, large fruit, cylindrical in shape with a round end. Plant is vigorous and disease tolerant.
About 25 cm long, 7 cm width, weight 400 g. Fruit reach maturity in 50-55 days.


Tropical type An early, fast-growing variety, dark green color, long, round end fruit with attractive ribbed, stripes. Flesh is of mild bitterness. Highly tolerant to disease About 34 cm long, 6.5 cm in width weight 440 g. Fruit maturity reached in 55-60 days.


GOURD FACTS: Gourd seeds should be planted in a warm, sunny location as soon in the spring as danger from frost has passed, for they require a long growing season to mature fruit andare killed by the first frost of autumn. Well-drained, fertile soil and a trellis, fence, or wall to provide support for the vines aid in the development of well-shaped, unblemished fruits.

Indian Type

BG 4710
Bitter Gourd - BG 4710
BG 4714
Bitter Gourd - BG 4714
BG 4715
Bitter Gourd - BG 4715
BG 4718
Bitter Gourd - BG 4718
BG 4716
Bitter Gourd - BG 4716
BG 4717
Bitter Gourd - BG 4717
BG 4719
Bitter Gourd - BG 4719
BG 611636
Bitter Gourd - BG 611636
Bitter Gourd - BG4722
Strada 153
BG 634636
Bitter Gourd - BG 4719
BG 627635B
Bitter Gourd - BG 611636
BG 4723
Bitter Gourd - bg4723
Bitter Gourd - BG4727
Bitter Gourd - BG4710N
BG 4721
Bitter Gourd - BG 4721

Chinese Type

BG 4713
Bitter Gourd - BG 4713
CR 151
CR 152
Variety Comparison Chart
Bitter Gourd Comparison Chart
Grower's Guide


The bitter melon (Chinese: ??; pinyin: kugua), also called bitter gourd, karela, balsampear, or balsamapple, is the edible fruit of the tropical and subtropical plant Momordica charantia, named for its bitter taste, considered the most bitter among all edible vegetables. The young shoots and leaves of the plant may be eaten as greens, and are not particularly bitter.

The original home of bitter gourd is not known except that it is a native of the tropics. It is widely grown in South Asia and Southeast Asia, as well as in China and the Caribbean. It is often used in Chinese cooking for its bitter flavour. It is also cultivated extensively all over India and a type of chips called karela chips are quite relished. It is however seldom mixed with other vegetables due to its extreme bitterness.