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TO 166

This semi-indeterminate hybrid tomato is very vigorous variety which tolerant hot and high humidity. Fruit is oblong in shape with red color, 25-30 gm in weight. It has little green shoulder with thick, firm flesh and sweet taste, which can carry long distant transportation and has long shelf life. The very productive plant can set 10-12 fruits per cluster and 15-18 cluster per plant. It can be harvested in 80-85 days from sowing.

TOMATO FACTS: The Italians called the tomato pomodoro ("golden apple"), which has given rise to speculation that the first tomatoes known to Europeans were yellow; similarly, it has been suggested that the French called it pomme d'amour ("love apple") because it was thought to have aphrodisiacal properties. Some scholars assert, however, that the tomato was at first taken to be a kind of eggplant, of which it is a close relative. The eggplant was called pomme des Mours ("apple of the Moors") because it was a favourite vegetable of the Arabs; pomodoro and pomme d'amour may be corruptions of this name. In France and northern Europe the tomato was at first grown as an ornamental plant. Since botanists recognized it as a relative of the poisons belladonna and deadly nightshade, it was regarded with suspicion as a food. (The roots and leaves of the tomato plant are in fact poisonous; they contain the neurotoxin solanine.)
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