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Tomato - TO 161

Plant has semi-indeterminate habit, grows vigorously with resistance to Fusarium wilt. Fruit is globe shaped, 200 – 250 gm., red color, large fruit, firm and good taste. It can be harvested in 80-85 days from sowing.

TOMATO FACTS: Tomato, any fruit of the numerous cultivated varieties of Lycopersicon esculentum, a plant of the nightshade family (Solanaceae); also, the fruit of L. pimpinelli folium, the tiny currant tomato. Tomato plants are generally much branched, spreading 60-180 cm (24-72 inches) and recumbent when fruiting, but a few forms are compact and upright. Leaves are more or less hairy, strongly odorous, pinnately compound, and grow up to 45 cm long. The flowers are yellow, 2 cm across, pendant, and clustered. Fruits vary in diameter from 1.5 to 7.5 cm or more and are usually red, scarlet, or yellow; they vary in shape from almost spherical through oval and elongate to pear-shaped. The fruit is a soft, succulent berry, containing two to many cells of small seeds surrounded by jellylikepulp. Most of the tomato's vitamin C is found in this pulp. The tomato is used raw in salads, served as a cooked vegetable, used as an ingredient of various prepared dishes, and pickled.

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