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Dream 165

This early hybrid is indeterminate plant, tolerant to diseases. Plant provides very prolific when double-stem pruning growing. It can produce about 50-60 fruits per cluster and 500 fruits per plants. Fruit is oblong shape, bright red color. Flesh is firm and gives good flavor with few seeds. Average weight is about 12-15 grams. It can be harvested in 75-80 days from sowing.

TOMATO FACTS: The wild species originated in the Andean area of South America, probably mainly in Peru and Ecuador, and is thought to have been domesticated in Mexico long before the arrival of Europeans; its name is derived from the N‡huatl (Aztec) word tomatl. The tomato was introduced to Europe by the Spanish in the early 16th century. The Spanish and Italians seem to have been the first peoples to adopt it as a food; it has remained a staple of Italian cuisine.
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