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Squash - SQ 1211

This is an early and very prolific Zucchini. Plant is dwarf, with female flowers on almost every node. Fruit is about 16-18 cm in length, and 150-180 grams in weight, shinny-green color with mottle spots. It can be harvested in 40-45 days from sowing.

SQUASH/PUMPKIN FACTS: fruit of certain varieties of Cucurbita pepo or of C. moschata, members of the family Cucurbitaceae. The names pumpkin and squash, especially in the United States, are applied inconsistently to certain varieties of both these species. The quick-growing, small-fruited bush, or nontrailing, varieties of C. pepo are called squash (q.v.) in America, while the long-season, long-trailing, large-fruited varieties are called pumpkin. This ornamental crookneck is very prolific fruit yield. It can use for young vegetable fruit salad or attractive mature fruits. Fruits are crookneck shape, golden yellow color with silver stripes and some or half of green with silver stripes on the bottom side. The mature fruit weighs about 100 grams and maturity is 40-50 days from sowing.
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