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Squash - SQ 4401

This is the early scalloped squash, the medium bush is vigorous and provides high yield with very prolific female flowers. Fruit is flatted-round, yellowish ivory color, 3cm.long and 6cm in diameter, 40-60 grams in weight. It can be harvested in 45-50 days from sowing.



SQUASH/PUMPKIN FACTS: Pumpkins are commonly grown in North America, Great Britain, and Europe for human food and also for livestock feed. The rind is removed, and when cooked the pulp is edible for humans. In Europe pumpkin is mainly served as a vegetable; in the United States and Canada pumpkin pie is a traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas dessert.

The fruit is also used in puddings and soups. It may be used interchangeably with squash in various prepared dishes. Pumpkins are used in the United States as Halloween decorations, one such being the jack-o'-lantern, in which the interior of the pumpkin is cleaned out and a light inserted to shine through a face carved through the wall of the fruit.
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