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Lettuce - Premium

Large, thick, with light green color curl leaves, very crispy, late bolting, and most vigorous. It is 300-400 grams in weight, 20-25 cm in length. Maturity is in 35-40 days.

LETTUCE FACTS: (Lactuca sativa), cultivated annual salad plant, probably derived from the prickly lettuce (L. scariola) of the family Asteraceae. Four botanical varieties of lettuce are cultivated:
(1) asparagus lettuce (variety asparagina), with narrow leaves and a thick, succulent, edible stem;
(2) head, or cabbage, lettuce (variety capitata), with the leaves folded into a compact head;
(3) leaf, or curled, lettuce (variety crispa), with a rosette of leaves that are curled, finely cut, smooth-edged or oak-leaved in shape; and
(4) cos, or romaine, lettuce (variety longifolia), with smooth leaves that form a tall, oblong, loose head. There are two classes of head lettuce: the butter-head types with soft heads of thick, oily leaves, and crisp-head types with brittle-textured leaves that form very hard heads under proper temperature conditions.

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