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Lettuce - Premium

The non heading type lettuce, rather smooth light green color, big and thick leaves. Large and vigorous plant. late bolting, Maturity in 45 days.

LETTUCE FACTS: For successful cultivation lettuce requires ample water, especially in warmer weather. During unseasonable weather, protection is furnished and growth stimulated with greenhouses, frames, cloches, or polyethylene covers. In many parts of the world the leaf and butter-head types are most popular.They are not suitable for shipping, so they are usually grown on truck farms or market gardens relatively close to markets. The crisp-headvarieties, well adapted for long-distance shipment, are dominant in the U.S., where over five-sixths of the acreage is located in California and Arizona. In Great Britain cabbage andcos types dominate. Although most commonly consumed in salads, lettuce may also be served as a cooked vegetable.

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