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This hybrid cucumber has big leaves and strong vines, produce many side branches, and good tolerant to Downey mildew disease.
The uniform fruits are green and white color, cylindrical straight, 4-4.5 cm in diameter, 18-20 cm in length,230-250 grams in weight. It can set 12-14 fruits per plant and can be harvested in 38-40 days from sowing.

CUCUMBER FACTS: In northern Europe the cucumber is extensively grown in frames or on trellises in greenhouses; in the milder climate of the United States it is cultivated as a field crop and in home gardens. An excess of seed is sown, and the small plants are thinned to the number desired. The heat requirement is one of the highest among the common vegetables.
There are three groups of varieties: the very large-fruited, strong-growing varieties adapted only to greenhouse or frame culture; the large-fruited, outdoor-grown plants generally having white spines, which are used primarily for slicing and pickling; and the small-fruited, prolifickinds with spines, including the gherkin, which are grown outdoors principally for pickling.

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