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Bitter Gourd – Growers' Guide

Bitter Gourd Guide

Bitter Gourd

Best winter temperature (18-25 C)

Loam, clay loam, good irrigation, pH 5.5 – 6.0. To plough the soil with dry sun 7-10 days To plough the soil deep 20-25 cm. Additional manure rate 1.5-2.0 ton/rai fertilizer 30-40 Kg./Rai soil to cover up plot wide 80 cm. high 30 cm., 2 row/ [ plot wide total 6 m.] Use plastic to cover up step end.

Transplant sprout 10-12 days, open water in to plot, perforate on plastic space 80 cm. 2 row, It is climber must bamboo / net for to climb.

1. With plough formula 15-15-15 rate 30-40 Kg./Rai
2. After transplant 7-10 days formula 21-0-0 rate 20-25 Kg./Rai
3. After transplant 20-25 days formula 15-15-15 rate 25-30 Kg./Rai
4. After transplant 40-45 days formula 15-15-15 rate 25-30 Kg./rai
5. After 4 time always 10-15 days formula 15-15-15 rate 10-15 Kg./rai

Disease important: Downy Mildew, Antracnod, Powderly mildew spray Mancozap+Matacllic coper
Insect important : Thrips, Fruit fly

45-50 days after transplant

GOURD FACTS: Gourd seeds should be planted in a warm, sunny location as soon in the spring as danger from frost has passed, for they require a long growing season to mature fruit andare killed by the first frost of autumn. Well-drained, fertile soil and a trellis, fence, or wall to provide support for the vines aid in the development of well-shaped, unblemished fruits.
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