Grand 168

A determinate type, this tomato is vigorous growth bearing large oblong, with the pink-red color fruits, 100-120 grams in weight, firm flesh and thick wall. It is suitable for processing and flesh market growing and harvesting high yield with disease tolerance. It can be harvested in 90-95 days from sowing.


Fruit shape: Round
Fruit size: 180-190g
Maturity: 75-80 days
Plant: Indeterminate
Remarks: Cluster bearing, high yield


Fruit shape: Oblong
Fruit size: 80-100g
Maturity: 70-78 days
Plant: Semi-determinate
Remarks: Cluster bearing, high yield, good for transportation, tolerant to TYLCV, Long shelf life


Maturity: 55-60 days after sowing
Weight: 90-100 g
Color: Red
Shape: Flat-Round
Plant: Semi-Determinate
Remarks: Tolerant to virus and diseases, Good taste


WEIGHT: 110-120 g
FRUIT: Oblong shape
MATURITY: 75-80 days after sowing
Plant type: determinate
REMARK: High yield,heat tolerant,resistant to BW,TYLCV


WEIGHT: 130 -150 g
FRUIT: Round shape
MATURITY: 80-85 days after sowing
REMARK: High yield,heat tolerant,resistant to BW,TYLCV


WEIGHT: 100 -110 g
FRUIT: Round shape
MATURITY: 70-75days after sowing
REMARK: High yield, heat tolerant,resistant to BW,TYLCV


Weight: 80-110 g
Shape: Water Drop
Maturity: 75-80 days
Remark: Heat tolerant, resistant to BW, TYLCV and high yield

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