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  • A dark green, glossy fruit cucumber is very thick flesh and excellent crisp taste. Fruit is 5.5 x 25-28 cm in size, cylindrical shape and giving high yield. Plant is good tolerant to virus and Downey Mildew disease. It can be harvested in 40-42 day from sowing. Fruit average weight is about 200-300 g.

    CUCUMBER FACTS: (Cucumis sativus), creeping plant of the Cucurbitaceae family, probably originating in northern India and widely cultivated for its fruit. It is a tender annual with a rough, succulent, trailing stem and hairy leaves with three to five pointed lobes; the stem bears branched tendrils by which the plant can be trained to supports.

  • F1 Hybrid CU4315

    Fruit: deep green color skin, thick flesh, cylindrical shape
    Size: 5cm x 26-28 cm, 270-290g
    Maturity: 35-38 days from sowing
    Remarks: Vigorous vines and predominated female flowers

  • F1 Hybrid CU Dark Emerald

    Fruit: uniform deep green, thick flesh, small seed cavity, cylindrical shape
    Size: 5.5-6cm x 24-26cm, 450-500g
    Maturity: 40-42 days from sowing
    Remarks: vigorous plant, well side-branches, provides high yield