Mae Sai

Mae Sai
This cucumber is white green color thick skin. It is resistant to rain and very prolific. It is 4.5 x 22 cm diameter, and 250 grams in weight. Maturity is in 38-40 days after sowing.


This cucumber-Pro-CU is a special selected variety. Plant is prolific, uniform growth. Fruit has green color skin with round end. Fruit is 3.5-4×8-10 cm. in size and 60-80 grams in weight. Maturity is in 34-36 days after transplanting.

White Emerald

The white emerald cucumber is vigorous and prolific. Fruit is crispy, light green color skin, cylindrical in shape, 3.5-4 x 10- 12 diameters, 80-100 g in weight. Good resistant to deceases and well adapted to a wide range of growing conditions. Maturity is in 35-38 days after sowing.

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