Three Generations of Growers

Lion Seeds began life since 1908, when the company’s founders moved from mainland China to Thailand to establish the company.

Initially the company focused on the importation of seeds from all over the world for sale in Thailand and into the Indo-China region. The company began adapting the varieties imported to local conditions and then embarked on a large-scale multiplication programme of stock seeds for international companies.

Soon after, Lion Seeds began a breeding programme to produce varieties for tropical Asia. Throughout this time, Lion Seeds always strived to market and produce seeds of the finest quality and purity, and pioneered a quality control system far in advance of its time.

Now the Lion Seeds Group has three divisions employing a team of experienced staff, breeders and technicians from Thailand and overseas, all of whom have trained formally, and on the job for many years.

The Lion Seeds group is a returns focussed, privately owned company, committed to providing quality seed and supplies to the farmers/growers of Asia, and providing the finest export multiplication services to seed companies world-wide.

Lion Seeds undertakes this quality-based commitment in full knowledge that there is still a place in the modern seed business for a personal, service-orientated company.

Lion Seeds seeks to work with its seed industry colleagues and associates in the spirit of co-operation and on the understanding that fairness and honesty have a rightful place in any industry, especially one of such fundamental importance as the seed business.

DID YOU KNOW? Lion Seeds is a member of a number of seed industry trade organizations both in Thailand and across the Asia-Pacific region.